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What the Louis Vuitton Hermes Wholesale Handbag War Means To You

The wholesale market for designer name handbags is red hot. There isn’t a day that goes by that my wholesale business,, doesn’t receive an inquiry regarding handbags. Requests range from top of the line wholesale designer bags by brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hermes to upper range brands such as Coach, to more middle of the road, but still popular, brands such as Nine West, Steve Madden, and Lucky Brand. On the opposite end of the spectrum there is a customer segment that is looking for stylish and fashionable pocketbooks that can be either generic or by a private label. Shoppers in this category are women who are more style than designer oriented, and are likely to be on a modest budget.

If you have been following the news lately you will be aware that Louis Vuitton and Hermes have been engaged in a fierce battle for control of each other’s company while each company has been vying for independence at the same time. Now that the dust has settled both fashion houses have agreed to cease their takeover attempts and will be focusing back their energies on product development and marketing.

So what does this mean for a wholesale buyer that retails purses? It means that they can expect these fashion megaliths to attract more women into the higher end section of the market. Think of the marketing resources that are at their disposal and how they can use them to attract more women to their fashion lines. The obstacle will be that while more women might be interested to make a purchase from their offerings, a majority of them will find their handbags out of reach of their budgets. This is where you can find an opportunity. By sourcing quality closeouts you can present other designer handbags that are either made with a similar level of quality, are extremely fashionable in appearance, or are made by brands that also have a wide market appeal. Just because a shopper cannot afford a Gucci bag it does not mean that she won’t instead buy one by Fossil. Once a customer has made a decision to purchase a new purse to match their latest wardrobe it is up to you as a motivated seller to show them merchandise that they can afford and is still just as appealing to their fashion sense.

You can place an order for overstock and store return handbags through my company’s website You can also search and see additional merchandise through You are welcome to visit my Brooklyn warehouse the next time you are in New York. Remember, regardless of where you source your liquidation inventory, you will always want to make sure that the products are licensed and authentic.

Wholesale Brand Name Designer Handbag Pallets

Wholesale Brand Name Designer Handbag Pallets

Overstock and store return handbags from a leading American department store.

Brands such as Anne Klein, Coach, Guess, Nine West, Jessica Simpson, Steve Madden, Lucky Brand, and more.

Original retail values of up to $250 each.

Your Closeout Price Is: $24.99 Each

100 Or More $19.99 Each

300 Or More $14.99 Each

Sell More Wholesale Handbags Through Joint Ventures

You can sell more wholesale handbags by forming joint ventures with retailers that sell complimentary products.
For example, if you have a designer handbag boutique in downtown Lagos, you can contact the owner of a brand name shoe store in a high traffic Lagos shopping mall. You can then agree to distribute coupons in each store promoting each of your respective stores.
This strategy can work anywhere in the world, and I have seen variations of it used by American retailers with cross promotions, and by Middle East companies promoting other complimentary businesses that are either within or outside of a family holding corporation.
To maximize this strategy you would want to provide your fellow retailer with financial compensation for all customers that he or she sends to you.
You will want to be very clear on what the commission structure will be, and what variables will be taken into account, this way your joint venture can run well over the long term.

Are Wholesale Brand Name Handbags Available To The Public?

Have you wondered if wholesale brand name handbags are available to the public?

Unfortunately the answer is not a clear yes, which means that while you can purchase a wholesale designer bag, it will take work to find one.

Most established brands such as Coach or Guess will either only deal with authorized resellers or with large department stores such as Macy's, Nordstrom, or Bloomingdale’s.

But there is a way for you to obtain some of the top designer pocketbooks without dealing directly with the brand owners, and that is by purchasing overstock and store return products from handbag suppliers.

Overstock and store return handbags have already been sold into the market, and consist of previous season merchandise, with conditions ranging from brand new to damaged.

Although you will have to sort out the bags you receive, you should be able to purchase them at a low enough price that will still allow you to make money even after having taken into account the damaged bags.

This is all dependent on the wholesale price you pay, the condition of the bags, and on how much you can resell them for.

Having said this, while you can lose money on any wholesale or closeout products, this business can be very lucrative to those who understand it and have a good deal of experience in the wholesale and retail business.

Should You Buy Wholesale Handbags From An Up And Coming Designer?

Buying wholesale handbags from an up and coming designer has both risks and benefits.
The obvious risks are that because the designer's handbags are not as known, or as popular, as let's say Coach or Guess handbags, his merchandise will be more difficult to sell than those of more established and popular brands.
On the other hand, because the designer is not very known, you might very well be the only retailer carrying his production, which will allow you to corner the market and set your own price.
While it might be worthwhile to take a chance on a new name, I would never do it in place of products which you know can sell.
If you do decide to take a chance, you could be better off doing it in tandem with your regular wholesale pocketbook line, since the popular brands will draw in shoppers who will then see your other merchandise.

Never Miss Out On Popular Wholesale Handbag Fashions Again

Are you in the wholesale handbag business and are worried that you might miss the next fashion trend?
If you want to ensure that you stay on top of the latest handbag fashion trends, you need to be directly in touch with all market participants. That means having a list of wholesalers, fellow retailers, and savvy customers who can keep you updated with what is hot in the market.

How To Encourage Cautious Shoppers To Buy Your Wholesale Handbags

You can encourage cautions shoppers to buy wholesale handbags from you by determining what is holding them back in the first place.
You want to ask them what their concerns are, and then carefully and gently address all of their concerns, such as the authenticity, value, high quality, and exclusivity, of the handbags which you are selling.
If you want to be successful at this business, you need to make sure that you are ordering from a wholesaler that can supply you with authentic designer merchandise.